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BioCeramic Endodontic Materials

While BioCeramic materials are new to the field of dentistry, they have been utilized in medicine for over 15 years. They have been used for cementing hip implants, the coating of metal implants, and to stimulate bone growth and healing. We are now using this new modern technology in material science in our endodontic sealers and root repair material. In our BioCeramic Root Canal SealerĀ©, this allows us to obtain a true hermetic seal both at the root apex and the root canal orifice, thus strengthening the root and obtaining the best seal possible. The BioCeramic Root Repair Material allows us to repair perforations, treat resorptive defects & stimulate closure at the end of a prematurely developed root. It should be noted that this state of the art material is not only biocompatible to the bodies tissues and is highly bacteriacidal.