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Office Information

Over the past several years, Endodontics has been vastly improved by modern technology. We have kept up with these improvements by constantly upgrading the equipment and technology in our office, and staying on the cutting edge of Endodontics by continually taking new educational courses with our staff.

Currently, we are using Computerized Digital Radiographs. This allows our patients to be exposed up to 90% less radiation than a regular dental x-ray. Furthermore, the Surgical Operating Microscope, a recent development in Endodontics, allows us to see deep within the root canal to treat and clean extremely complex cases. We use engine driven Nickel-Titanium Rotary Files which allow the root canal to be cleaned and shaped. Over the past several years, Endodontics has been vastly improved by modern technology and material science.

An exciting new upgrade to our armamentarium is the addition of the BioLase WaterLase Dental Laser. The use of this laser allows us to clean deeper and more thoroughly into the tooth thus making it less antigentic, and more biocompatible. Perhaps the greatest benefit of this new technology in Endodontics is that we can now perform Endodontic therapy in one visit.

This concept of the single visit of Endodontic therapy saves you time and anxiety by performing the entire procedure in one visit. You need not worry about multiple visits. You can return to regular life, work or play as soon as possible, and most importantly, you will be pain free. For the busy executive, employee, parent or student, you don’t have to worry about losing your valuable time.

Above all, our office prides itself in making our patients feel comfortable, relaxed and at home. We do everything possible to allay anxieties and replace preconceived, negative ideas that one might have had about root canal therapy with a relaxed atmosphere, one visit procedure and virtually painless treatment.

A Tour of the Office

To better serve you, we have created a pleasantly pampering environment that is dramatically different from most dental offices that you’ve visited. At Aventura Endodontic Group, we utilize the latest technology and provide a friendly atmosphere that will reduce your stress and will forever change your expectations of dental care.

Upon your arrival, you will be welcomed at the reception desk by our personable office manager, Izzy. She will carefully listen to understand your needs, desires, and concerns.


As you make your way in to our waiting room, feel free to grab a refreshing glass of flavored water as we prepare for your appointment. There are numerous magazines to keep you occupied, and countless reading materials to inform you about each procedure you might undergo. This will help to ease your concerns, worries and fears. Please let us know if there is anything that you should need as we are always happy to help!

Before you know it, the door to the operatory will open and one of our enthusiastically friendly assistants will whisk you away. Our assistants have been carefully chosen not only for their professional skills, but also for their ability to put patients first and at ease. Their compassion is second to none, and they have received countless cards from thankful patients.

Each operatory offers a magnificent view of Aventura from four stories high. In addition, Tempurpedic pads in each chair, eclectic music, and educational videos will make the time pass comfortably.


A endodontic assistant will review your medical history with you, perform an endodontic evaluation on the suspected tooth/teeth and discuss with you the endodontic procedure for the day. Following diagnosis, we’ll educate you about your options, and develop a specific treatment plan to serve your needs. Moments later, Dr. Greg Goldfaden will come in to alleviate you of your dental pain.

You’ll be up, pain-free and ready to go in no time! Your comfort and concerns are serious business to us.